#SwiSSGiS MAP — based on the Twitter list by @rastrau


This map shows all Tweeters on the #SwissGIS list (curated by @rastrau) whose Twitter profiles have the “location” attribute set.

Format-wise, either a geo-codable place name or lat-lon coordinates in WGS1984, separated by either a comma, a semi-colon, a slash or a vertical bar (this one: |) (e.g: “47.51 / 8.54”), are accepted input data.

Tweeters who have not filled in their location field are not displayed on the map.

Tweeters who have set their location to (any variant of) “Switzerland” are placed west of Lucerne in geocoding :-). Finally, giving several locations in one's Twitter profile affects the location in the map unpredictably.

Let me know if you have questions. Enjoy!