This map shows all Twitter accounts on the #SwissGIS list whose Twitter profile can be geocoded based on its «Location» field. The #SwissGIS list is a Twitter list that collects Switzerland-based people and institutions who talk about spatial data science, GIS, geoviz, carto and geo. It is curated by @rastrau and open for anybody to subscribe.

If your «Location» field contains a placename, geocoding is attempted using the GeoNames geocoding service with country bias set to Switzerland. If you have set your «Location» field to (variants of) «Switzerland» or «World», your account is geocoded to the center of Switzerland. If your «Location» field contains coordinates in WGS1984 separated by either a comma, a semi-colon, a slash or a vertical bar (e.g: «47.51 | 8.540»), your account is assigned to that location.

All locations have been slightly randomised («jittered»). Users whose account is private, users for whom geocoding fails and users who have not set their «Location» field are not displayed on the map.

Let me know if you have questions. Enjoy!